Every Colorado student deserves a quality education, but so many of our kids have fallen behind. Our students and teachers have faced immeasurable challenges over the last few years, with the pandemic forcing a transition to remote learning that has impacted students’ ability to learn and socialize with their classmates.

But even before the pandemic, our students’ ability to achieve a high-quality education that meets their needs has not been equitable across the board. That’s why we’ve made investments to support K-12 education and Coloradans interested in pursuing higher education, to ensure all our students are set up for success.


We’ve also taken action to get more teachers into our classrooms, and we passed landmark legislation to ensure every Colorado child can access early childhood education, free of charge, saving working families with young children an average of $4,300 and putting Colorado children on an early pathway to success. But we must continue our efforts to ensure that our kids can learn from the best, most highly-skilled teachers in Colorado as possible.


I will continue to push for legislation that improves the quality of public schools, reduces class sizes, and provides tuition assistance to low- and middle-income college students because our kids are our future and we need to provide them with every tool at our disposal to ensure they can excel . I will continue to support dual-enrollment programs, and skilled trade credentialing programs.