Nick Hinrichsen

Nick Hinrichsen is an Army veteran who fought in the Iraq War and served with NATO peacekeeping operations in Kosovo and the Colorado National Guard.

Nick is no stranger to hard work and knows what it takes to put food on the table in Pueblo, working years of long days and nights in Pueblo's logistics industry to build a better life for his family.  While also helping to raise a child with developmental challenges, Nick put in the time to earn a Masters in Public Administration at CU Denver.

Today, Nick serves as Pueblo Transit's Operations Supervisor, ensuring that the transportation lifelines that sustain Pueblo's economy, workforce mobility, and senior and family living are running on time and on budget.


In February of 2020, Nick developed the first public transit agency-wide pandemic response plan in Colorado.  This plan reduced the risk of virus transmission on busses and inside public transit facilities, minimized service reductions, and ensured that there were no shut-downs throughout the duration of the pandemic. He also worked alongside other local agencies and non-profits to help fund free rides throughout the school year for all Pueblo K-12 students. 

Nick Hinrichsen
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Everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed. In Pueblo, that means ensuring that our region competes and connects in the industries that are driving Colorado's long economic boom. As our state senator, Nick will fight to connect Pueblo to the jobs, infrastructure, and industries of the future, to ensure that Pueblo keeps moving forward.

Here's the issues we can work on together


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 Infrastructure and Economic Development

  • Strengthen the Colorado Economic Opportunity Zone program, which incentivizes business investment in areas with high levels of poverty and unemployment.

  • Finish connecting Pueblo to the Southwest Chief and build a high speed front range passenger rail network from Pueblo to Greeley.

  • Develop Pueblo Municipal Airport to support expansion of the Airport industrial complex.

  • Secure highway funding to repair the aging bridges in our commercial corridor.



  • Create a “driven to succeed program” to ensure every student in high truancy district has transportation access to their school.

  • Support concurrent enrollment and skilled trade certification programs.

  • Invest in scholarships for adult workers looking to transition into a high demand skilled labor field.


  • Give local governments the flexibility and resources they need to tackle the opioid crisis.

  • Hold the line on Health Insurance Premium Mandates for the individual and Small Group Markets.


  • Continue to build better parity for mental health coverage.


  • Support Medicare and Medicaid dependent hospitals, like Parkview and St Mary Corwin.