Finding safe, affordable housing in Colorado was already difficult before the pandemic hit, and things have only worsened over the last year and a half. Rents are out of control, mortgage rates and property taxes are unpredictable, and many of our neighbors have been forced out of their homes due to the economic consequences of COVID-19.


It’s up to us to develop innovative solutions to lower the high cost of housing, address homelessness, and ensure everyone has a safe, affordable place to call home. We’ve taken action to keep more Coloradans housed with a historic investment of $428 million in federal pandemic relief funds that will help us transform our housing infrastructure and save Coloradans money on housing.


Every Coloradan deserves access to shelter that is safe and affordable, and no family should be raising their children around black mold and water damage. This year I created a revolving loan program for mobile home owners that gives them the resources necessary to purchase the land that their home sits on; creating a shelter from skyrocketing lot rent increases.


I support policies that incentivize affordable housing development, especially in the form of condominiums and townhomes. I also passed a bill that restricts the amount that property taxes can increase in any given year for owner-occupied homes. I firmly believe that access to homeownership is a cornerstone of the middle-class, and I remain committed to supporting policies to make sure that every Coloradan has a safe place to live and raise a family.