Where I Stand

Public Safety

Every Coloradan deserves to feel safe in their community, but like the rest of the country, crime has been on the rise here in Colorado. It’s on us to ensure every family has a safe place to live, work and raise a family – and to do that we need to make smart public safety investments to address the root causes of crime so we can build safer communities across the board.​


Economy and Affordability

Our economy has been working against low- and middle- income families for far too long, and the pandemic has only made matters worse. For decades, working families’ incomes have been at a standstill while the cost of basic needs like housing, education and childcare has skyrocketed. We’ve taken action to promote an equitable economic recovery and address pandemic and Russian -induced inflation to move Colorado forward, but as we continue our recovery efforts and address the systemic issues that have impacted working families for years, we must make it a priority to uplift every community and forge a new social and economic contract with Coloradans that invests in people and promotes shared prosperity.


Finding safe, affordable housing in Colorado was already difficult before the pandemic hit, and things have only worsened over the last year and a half. Rents are out of control, mortgage rates and property taxes are unpredictable, and many of our neighbors have been forced out of their homes due to the economic consequences of COVID-19.



Every Coloradan deserves access to the health care they need to maintain their health and well-being. But even before the pandemic, folks were struggling to afford the cost of health care, forcing far too many people to make impossible choices between caring for their health and putting food on the table. No one should ever have to make that kind of decision, which is why I will always advocate for measures to expand access to affordable and equitable health care for all, including mental health care.


Every Colorado student deserves a quality education, but so many of our kids have fallen behind. Our students and teachers have faced immeasurable challenges over the last few years, with the pandemic forcing a transition to remote learning that has impacted students’ ability to learn and socialize with their classmates.



We need a robust and modern transportation infrastructure to support a dynamic economy, improve our air quality, create more jobs, and ensure that Colorado is positioned to compete. Colorado Democrats have taken transformative action to fix our roads and bridges, improve transit options, meet Colorado’s climate goals, and future-proof the state’s transportation system but the work is far from over.